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AIR Center aims to be an international cooperation platform dedicated to R&D in the areas of Space, Oceans, Climate and Energy, and to promote networked research, supported by infrastructures and initiatives that will make possible to attract foreign investment. To do so, a number of workshops, conferences and high level meetings have been held, and that work will continue in the following years.


Upcoming Events

After the 3rd High-Level Industry-Science-Government Dialogue, held in Praia, Cape Verde, in May 2018, the work will not stop. In November 2018, the 4th High-Level Industry-Science-Government Dialogue will take place in the Canary Islands, Spain. Meanwhile, other workshops, meetings and conferences are planned around the world in the upcoming months.


Past Events

Since 2016, a series of workshops on Atlantic Interactions were held in a number of cities around the Atlantic, as well as other related meetings in India and China, have mobilised researches worldwide towards the development of a new science and technology agenda for an integrative approach to the Atlantic.

These workshops on Atlantic Interactions address the need to further study and conduct research in Atlantic regions. The 3rd High-Level Industry-Science-Government Dialogue marked the latest milestone for the development of the Atlantic International Research Centre (AIR Centre), with headquarters in the Azores.