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The Air Center

This new intergovernmental initiative will be implemented through the Atlantic International Research Center (AIR Center).


The AIR Center will foster science driven integrated governance of the Atlantic and unleash the sustainable exploration of the Atlantic resources. The AIR Center will bring added value to existing research efforts from deep-sea to Space from both sides of the Atlantic and through North-South cooperation, empowering those who are already working to tackle global Atlantic issues, and catalyzing new initiatives in a strategic and holistic way, targeting identified current and future gaps and communicating progress to a wide range of stakeholders.


The AIR Center will be an intergovernmental organization with the aim to support the necessary knowledge-driven conditions to foster cooperation in science and technology from the deep-sea to Space in the Atlantic region. It will comprise:


Atlantic Interactions aims at fostering new paradigms of interaction across the Atlantic and across disciplines to foster new knowledge on ocean, climate and energy sustainability. It takes advantage of the most advanced technologies to build new and integrated knowledge of the Atlantic that will allow for its enhanced management and sustainable exploration of its resources, benefitting decision-makers, researchers, companies and the society in general.