Atlantic Interactions | Atlantic Interactions
Atlantic Interactions, Air Center, Event
Atlantic Interactions, Air Center, Event
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Atlantic Interactions is a new intergovernmental initiative to unleash the potential of the Atlantic for Society. It fosters knowledge-driven solutions for Atlantic and Global Societal challenges that require interdisciplinary research and innovation of complex Earth systems through cooperation targeting the Atlantic.

This new intergovernmental initiative will be implemented through the Atlantic International Research Centre (AIR Centre).

Atlantic Interactions
Science and Technology
Agenda for an integrative approach to the Atlantic

Find here the next workshops, conferences and meetings that will take place around the world

Learn more about this new intergovernmental initiative and its integrative approach, from deep-sea to Space

In this page you will find documentation related to the Atlantic Interaction Initiative and the creation of the AIR Centre

Find out more about the workshops and other events held since 2016 that led to the 3rd High Level Dialogue in Praia, Cabo Verde.